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Recruitment Customs Officer:

Company benefits: double pay at the end of the year, communication subsidies, meal supplements
Job Type: Trade / Purchasing
Basic requirements: no age, no gender
Working location: Shenzhen

Job Description Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for customs declaration, inspection and review and control of various documents;
2. Responsible for coordinating customs, liaison with commodity inspection and internal customs clearance matters;
3. The verification form and corresponding documents will be recovered in time;
4. When the goods need to be loaded, the goods should be supervised and loaded. If the goods are inspected by the customs, they should be present at the scene or entrusted by the customs broker to supervise the goods and re-sealing;
5. Complete the work related report.

1. College degree or above, major in international trade or logistics;
2. More than one year experience in customs declaration in Luohu District, Bonded Area and Development Zone. Drivers are preferred;
3. Familiar with the relevant customs declaration process, familiar with the corresponding national laws and regulations, and holders of customs declaration certificates are preferred;
4. Have certain communication and ability to deal with problems;
5, cheerful, honest, responsible and responsible.
Working time: AM8.30~11.30 PM13.30~17.30

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